Welcome  To Pumpkin Hill Beads! 

Well, I guess this is the place that I am supposed to tell you about who I am, and what I do, and what goodies I have to offer...so here goes....

My name is Maureen Kelly, and I live in New Milford, Ct, where I have a studio, in which I create lampworked glass beads. Ahhh beads...they are my passion....and if you are here, I'm betting that they're yours too. 

Creation begins at the torch. I use a small bench mounted propane/oxygen torch and melt rods of various types of glass into lovely little works of art. Some ornate, some, not so much, but all are created with precise care, and the love of a truly revered ancient art form.

So...now that you are here, take a look around, stay awhile if you like, and enjoy.....any questions? See something you like in my Gallery? Want to know or show schedule, check out the Calendar?  Please free to email me, using the Contact form and I do my best to help you out.

Thanks!! Maureen  

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